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As the sun was setting, we decided to pull over for some rest. It was a relief to escape the growing winds. We also make a habit of not driving after dark. Our preference is maximum visibility and minimum additional towing challenges. No driving in rain, snow, or high winds. Just as we pulled into the 24-hour Walmart, we immediately spotted a no overnight parking sign. With no other available options, we decided to risk being asked to leave. There were several RVs parked there too— comforting. There is safety in numbers; right?

Most Walmarts, typically all 24-hour locations, are RV/overnight parking friendly. There is almost always at least one travel trailer at every one we stop at. Sometimes it can feel like a campground. As a rule, it is essential to be a respectful guest wherever you park. Be quiet, courteous and don’t leave trash. If you are looking to park overnight, keep an eye out for signs. You can look up individual Walmart parking rules on RV sites, like RVParky (also available as an app). Occassionally you can find this information on the local Walmart webpage or Google reviews. If you decide to risk being booted, as we did, be prepared to politely leave when asked. To be honest, this has happened to us a two or three times. On one occassion, a kind security officer directed us to a nearby parking lot where we could park overnight without any issues. Our advice: always be kind and courteous, especially to security guards.

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