Woman Gives Tour Of Beautifully Designed Tiny Home

When most folks think of their dream home, they think of mansions with multiple rooms and expansive spaces. But for one woman in New Zealand, the dream is to minimize and create a home that maximizes on just what is needed and nothing more. The idea of a tiny home is growing in popularity all over the world, where people are looking to simplify and enjoy what life can afford when you exit the rat race and stop consuming endless piles of doodads.

This tiny home is an example of getting the most out of a small space and creating something beautiful with only what you truly need.

Shaye’s Tiny Home

Shaye lives with her five-year-old daughter in this amazing tiny home on a lush garden property. The home is actually a trailer on wheels that can be moved to any parking space.

In designing this home, Shaye incorporated the knowledge from her previous tiny home experience, plus building tiny homes for a living, which culminated in this astonishing home.

A Springboard Diver

Shaye grew up with a passion for diving when suffering from an eating disorder sidelined her. She thought she’d never compete again. But years later after surviving the eating disorder she got herself healthy again and realized her dream was still obtainable. She began her second go as a competitive Springboard diver for New Zealand’s elite diving team. Shaye is working hard to compete in the upcoming Olympics.

Building a Business

Shaye’s love of all things tiny home has lead her to open up a business building tiny homes. Shaye’s Tiny Homes was born, and now builds homes for folks who are looking to simplify. Shaye works with clients to create their homes with all the space-saving comforts they can imagine. And she offers a signature unique style and interior design that really shows in her own home.

An open kitchen

The kitchen has full-sized appliances, plenty of storage space, and a beautiful wood sink. A unique and practical design element is to put mirrors behind the top shelf storage. Shaye says that mirrors can trick the mind into thinking there’s more space than meets the eye.

A large bathroom

Shaye says her bathroom is larger than some of the bathroom’s she’s had in the past. Featuring two sinks, a tiled shower and a composting toilet that tucks away in the cabinetry. It’s truly a masterful use of space.

The Bedrooms

Upstairs in the tiny home are the two bedrooms, joined by an open-air walkway. Her daughter’s loft-style bedroom is on one side, and her own bedroom takes up the other wing. The master bedroom features a raised bed platform that is actually the ceiling of the kitchen below. The windows of both rooms open up to the living rooftop of the deck below.

The Living Wall

A special feature of Shaye’s tiny home is the living wall. This wall is the true centerpiece of the home. Lush green and flowering plants cascade down the wall to offer fresh air for the home and a stunning living work of art.

Bonus Room and Outdoor space

Attached to the home is a beautiful deck and a bonus room that cozies up to the trailer and can be accessed through an interior door as well as from the deck.

A recent addition was the outdoor bathtub, where you can bathe with the expansive garden as your view.

Youtubers are going gaga over this amazing home.

“This is hands down the best layout I’ve ever seen”

“Kid friendly , a lot of sunlight. And a lot of space”

“I’ve seen multimillion-dollar homes that aren’t as elegant and beautiful as this.”

Enjoy the video below, and it might encourage you to simplify your life and really think about what is essential. Your dream home might not be an expansive mansion, but more like the efficient use of space of a tiny home.

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